freezing of marine larvae for crystat

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From:"Keith Ryan" <> (by way of histonet)
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Hello Histoland

I have someone here who wants to freeze and cut sections of marine
larvae as thinly as possible (5 microns?) for immuno.  The specimens
are 100-200 microns in length.
1.  What would be the best way of handling these small items?
2.  What would be the best support/medium e.g TissueTek?
3.  What about cryoprotection?  I am familiar with 2.3 molar sucrose
for EM.
4.  Any general tips for immuno (protein/amino peptidases)?

Best wishes - Keith (again!)

Keith Ryan (Dr)
Marine Biological Association
Citadel Hill
Devon PL1 2PB

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