fixative for eyes

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Our lab uses a fixative called Davidson's Fixative
95% ethyl alcohol         30ml
10% neutral buffered formalin   20ml
Glacial Acetic Acid             10ml
Distilled water                 30ml

+ you can make as much as you want useing the amount above. We use 10 times as much.

*Tissue must be removed from the fixative by 24hrs
then we rinse the tissue in the sink and put into 10% formalin, then process it on the tissue processor.

**There is a note added to where you would transfer the tissue into 70% alcohol and refrigerate.
but we don't do this step.

** this fixative has been used for research animal, don't know what would happen if you are using human eyes.
I hope this helps

sandi miller
gov't research

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