boneheads arise, questions

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From:Gayle Callis <>

Good morning boney experts.

Is the stain for aluminum in bone (solocrhome azurine) done on sections
attached to slides, methymethacrylate???   I know it can be done on GMA
embedded sections attached to slides.  I realize MMA embedded sections can be
free floated for staining, but with todays improved methods, can this be done
on sections attached/mounted to slides???


Is anyone doing microradiography these days, and if so, what kind of film is
being used?? I understand the glass plates with emulsion from Kodak are not
made anymore???  What is the substitute?  What film was used in the past,
Kodak SO140 or something like that, the exact number/name of film escapes me.

Does Ilford still make glass plates for microradiography?  

Gayle Callis 

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