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From:Bryan Llewellyn <>
To:Histonet <>
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My original internet service provider The Internet Bistro (
was bought out by ABC Communications about two years ago.  They introduced
their own Domain name (Prince George Online - but kept the old
one as well.  There is no need to update any bookmarks as the older URL is
still active.  Either of the following works.

Please do ensure that a tilde precedes the b of bryand.  This is a wavy dash
and is often found to the left of the 1 on a PC keyboard.  The site is
called StainsFile (one word) because I originally intended to register it as
a domain name.  Unfortunately the Canadian registry only allows registered
companies to have domain names with the .ca or the domain, and I
can't afford to form a corporation.

I am unable to update the site on a completely regular schedule because of
other committments, but it will intermittently grow so please keep visiting.
If anyone would like to contribute pages to the site, I would be most
interested in discussing it with you.

The name bryand comes from Bryan (my first name) and the first letter of my
middle name (David - what else).


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From: J. A. Kiernan <>
To: Cathy Mayton <>
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Sent: February 10, 2000 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: stain file web site ( StainsFile ; Bryan LLewellyn )

> On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Cathy Mayton wrote:
> > I read about the Pollack's trichrome ...
> > ... I was unable to locate a stains/file.  Did I miss something?
>   You must have got the address wrong. Bryan Llewellyn's
>   stainsfile web site is still there, and the amount of
>   information in it gets a bit bigger and a bit
>   better every month. His old netbistro web address
>   still works, but the header indicates a different
>   address:
>   This is a world-class web site in the field of histotechnology:
>   a place where you can be 99% sure that all the information is
>   correct.  Bryan!  If you read this, please send a histonet
>   posting to say if you have changed the web address of
>   StainsFile.
>                             John Kiernan
>                             London, Canada.

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