Shandon biopsy bags

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Dear Dan, We use the Shandon biopsy bags They work great for small samples
and to keep skin and mammary samples lying flat. The only problem we have
ever had was with very small mouse embryos. They "stick" to both sides of
the nylon and pull apart when you open the bags. It might help if they were
not sooo tight. We are now pre opening the bags before processing and
placing the tissue between and it works. Probably because there is no real
pressure on the tissue. We also just ordered Histoscreen cassettes. It would
help if there was a nylon with a "tint" to it so you could see the small
samples easier. anita

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Dear Histonetters,

I am currently looking for feedback on the Shandon Biopsy Bags.  What are 
your views and if annything could be improved what would it be?  I look 
forward to all replies.
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