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    An example of a good transport media is Michael's Transport Medium by
Poly Scientific. These solutions are for keeping the specimens from
deteriorating rapidly during transit to the lab. They do this by
maintaining osmolality pH and isotonicity through the use of various
salts and buffers.
    An important note is that these solutions are not fixatives. They do
not preserve the specimen indefinitely as formalin or alcohols do. They
merely stabilize the tissues temporarily from SOME of the causes of
    By the way I think you may need to resubscribe. When you subscribe
you need to send a blank message except the subject heading which reads
"subscribe" thats all. So if your mailbox is not full that is probably
why. :-)
Amos Brooks

Patrick Rundhaug wrote:

> Patrick Rundhaug wrote:
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> > Please sign me up as a subscriber
> We are curious about what transport mediums you are aware of, for all
> the different types of tissues / organ? Can you let us know what ones
> you know of and who we can contact to try some...
> Thanks,
> Patrick Rundhaug
> Chemco Research and Manufacturing..

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