Re: Wrinkled Sections!

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Try a alcohol and water bath.

After sectioning float the section in a dish that has approx 10-15 ml of
and 400 ml of water.  Use a forceps to stretch wrinkles of the section out.
Take a slide and lift the section out of this bath and place into the flotation
bath.  The sections will swirl (which also aids in getting wrinkles out)
and you
will have nice flat wrinkle free sections.

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science/BDH on 01/31/2000 11:17:18 AM

cc:    (bcc: Rande Kline/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  Wrinkled Sections!

     Hello to All!  I know that this issue has been previously discussed but I
just wondered if any of the experts in Histoland could offer advise in
nice, non-wrinkled paraffin mouse heart sections???  We generally fix the
for 48 hrs at 4C, then process for 5 hours before embedding.  The two paraffin
stations run 40 minutes each.  In addition to turning up the temperature of the
water bath are there any other suggestions?  Many thanks in advance as your
input is very much appreciated!

Jennifer Hoover
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

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