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--- wrote:
> Does anyone use the Twort stain by Newcomer Supply?
> If you haven't heard of 
> this procedure it is a variation of the Brown and
> Hopps that eliminates the 
> use of picric acid acetone. The lab I work for
> switched to this procedure for 
> various reasons, but we are having problems with
> consistency and the 
> pathologists are not satisfied. Although the gram
> negative and gram positive 
> bacteria are staining appropriately, the background
> has never been light 
> green as the results state. If you have any
> suggestions or other methods that 
> could be tried it would be really appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Charnell Jones, HTL(ASCP)
> Compunet Clinical Laboratories
> Dayton, OH
 Hi Charnell,
 We make up our own Twort for our Lillie-Twort
modified gram stain.
We have increased the strength of the stain from the
original procedure(Pathologists preference) so you may
need to adjust.

Modified Twort stain--Stock                original
 Neutral red (C.I. #50040)   0.6gm         (0.36gm)
 Fast green  (C.I. #42053)   0.2gm         (0.04gm)
    Mix with 200ml 100% ETOH
Procedure says stock solution is good for 1-3 months.
I don't agree, I make up fresh each time I need to
make more working solution (once a month)

Twort working solution
 1 part stock: 2 parts distilled water
Filter AFTER dilution. Ready to use.

Kathy Wortham
USDA,Food Safety Inspection Service
950 College Station Road
Athens, Ga 30605
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