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From:Katri Tuomala <>
To:"Jennings-Siena, Debbie" <>
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Hi Debbie,

I'm not laughing, I always need to go to a book to figure these things
out. Calculation is a bit complicated involving specific gravity,
molecular weight and the valency of the substance. Many histology books
have the formulas to make up most commonly used normal and molar
solutions. For instance a normal solution of HCl contains approximately
85 ml of concentrated solution per litre. You want to make up 0.2N
solution, so you need 17 ml of concentrated HCl in one litre of
distilled water. This is not of course accurate to a decimal point (HCl
36.6-38%, FW 36.46), but for most histology applications adequate.
If I'm wrong, please somebody correct me! Katri.

Katri Tuomala
Anatomic Pathology
St.Joseph's Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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