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To:Mike Kirby <>
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The free MSDS Chemdat CD that you are talking about is available FREE worldwide
from Merck KGaA and it is also available and can be ordered online free at:

 but it is NOT available in North America, if you would like more information
please contact me off at:

Gordon Fenn
BDH / EM Science Toronto
Affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Mike Kirby <> on 02/10/2000 02:06:21 AM

To:   Histonet <>
cc:    (bcc: Gordon Fenn/BDH/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  M.S.D.S

Hi Histonetters

If it is of any interest, the Chemical Company, Merck, were dishing out FREE
copies of their CD (99,1 version) "The Merck Chemical Database" called
"ChemDat", which is loaded with M.S.D.S's.

Chief Safety Officer
South Africa

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