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From:Tim Morken <>
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The best system is the one the other lab has! With LIS's they look great in 
the relativly quick demos you see but familiarity definitely breeds 
contempt. The programmers never do things the way you would do it yourself! 
Probably the most important (and most overlooked) component of an LIS is the 
support given after you buy it.

You can get a lot of info about what's available by searching for "LIS" on 
the web. The CAP often puts out an issue on LIS developers. I think Advance 
did one recently too.

We have a small, self-contained lab and have developed our own system using 
MS-Access. It integrates specimen log-in, experiment setup and results, and 
reporting. Seventeen people use it on the network and it works fairly well. 
The two problems are 1) getting all the data in accurately and in a timely 
manner and 2) network reliablity.

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From: "Scott, Allison D" <>
Subject: Laboratory Information System
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 09:45:26 -0600

Hello to all in histoland,
We  are currently utlizing the LIS system called CoPath.  It is very
different from any computer system that I have used.  It forces you to
become more computer literate.  What systems are being used out there in
histoland,and what are your thoughts about LIS systems.

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