Re: IHC control slides

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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:"Goodwin, Diana" <>
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    If you run out of CD30 controls you may need to contact a vendor,
they usually have these for their in house quality control testing.
Check your catalog or your sales rep. Also look through different
vendors catalogs. After you get a few, always remember to check the
tissue you are testing as well as the control. If the test slide is
positive then you should cut a few more slides and use them as controls.
Most patients with Hodgkin's Lymphoma express CD30. You could ask your
pathologists if they recall any recent Hodgkin's cases. Or go through
your archives for the last couple of CD30 tests and check if it was
positive. If you still have the block you're in good shape.
good luck
Amos Brooks

"Goodwin, Diana" wrote:

> Help, Histonet!
> I have searched hi and low and have been unable to find controls for
> CD-30 (BerH-2) that are suitable for use on the TechMate IHC
> autostainer. Any suggestions?
> Desperately,
> Diana Goodwin,  HT
> Trenton,  NJ

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