Re: Histogel

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From:Victor Tobias <>
To:Lynn Gardner <>
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Hi Lynn,

Histogel is from Richard Allen. I too contacted them for a sample. The rep was
by on Tuesday and said they had a QC problem with a batch and had to prepare
some more. We should be receiving our samples shortly.

Victor Tobias

Lynn Gardner wrote:

> Hey histonetters, I am in need of a product called histogel. I got ahold of
> the company before and they were going to send me a sample or two but never
> did. Could someone please let me know who carries it or if the company is
> reading this e-mail could you please send me two samples with instructions
> as soon as possible.
> Thanks All,
> Lynn Gardner
> Anatomy and Cell Biology
> The University of Iowa
> 51 Newton Road
> 1-100 BSB
> Iowa City, IA 52242

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