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Dear Colin,
your stainer having a one minute interval sounds like a GLS 360 or one of
it's modifications  viz. Ski. Honeywell, Lerner, Shandon.
I suggest you use a buffered 1-2% Eosin solution either aqueous or
alcoholic, and control your avidity by the pH of the buffer system (Walpoles
buffer as in Sheehan and Hrapchak or Prof. R.D.Lillie are satisfactory). At
a pH of 5.2-5.4 the result is extremely avid and may be overwhelming for
some, as the pH rises from this point intensity drops off but colour balance
is vastly improved till at pH 8.0 only red cells are pale pink and no other
elements stain to any degree. You will most likely find a pH of approx
5.7-6.0 will best suit your purposes and a single staining station (viz 1
minute ) is more than sufficient, followed by a 1 or 2 min. water rinse. The
results with a pH buffering system can be controlled so that the use of
Phloxine is no longer necessary (at least for some).
This method of controlling Eosin was described over twenty years ago in the
Tissue Tek newsletters both by some South African Histotechs and by Dr.
M.Schoobridge FRCPA. Box Hill Hosp.Pathology. Aust.
Regards Mike Rentsch Dir. Aust. Biostain P/L
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Date: Tuesday, 8 February 2000 4:47
Subject: Eosin on Linear Stainer

>I would like some help with the Eosin side of a linear H&E.  The staining
interval is one minute.
>Vendor suggestions welcome too.
>Colin Henderson
>Technical Coordinator for Pathology Services
>St. Joseph's Health Centre
>London, Ontario, Canada
>(519) 646-6100 x 65923

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