Re: Cyclin D1

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From:amos brooks <>
To:"Koutny, Janice" <>
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    Give up on Envision + for this antibody. It don't work.
Try this: dilute the antibody 1:50 (part to whole ;-) ),
    -antigen retrieve using a high pH buffer,
    -5 min H2O2,
    -20 min primary antibody,
    -then using LSAB2 incubate for 10 min in LINK2  and LABEL2,
    -then your DAB for 5 min.
    We have had good luck with Envision + with the exception of Cyclin D1 and
Synaptophysin. These were just stubborn.
Good Luck
Amos Brooks

"Koutny, Janice" wrote:

> HELP!!
> Can anyone tell me how they are getting their Cyclin D1's to work.  We're
> having trouble coming up with consistant results.  We are using the DAKO
> antibody with the Envision + Kit.  Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Janice Koutny

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