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Hi Shelia,

If each specimen is presented in a separate container, each one can be
charged individually, especially if the place of origin is to be maintained.
There are those that put several specimens in one container to save charges
to the patient.   I wouldn't advise a "cap" on any of the charges, derm
specimens, number of antibodies or such, as the insurance companies don't
need help in paying you less than what is fair to do the work.

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 6:49 PM
Subject: CPT coding/billing

> I am looking for some input!  How do your institutions handle multiple
> specimens?  If the dermatologist removes 6 separate lesions, are all 6
> specimens billed?  Are they billed at the same price?  Do you "cap" the
> pricing at any time?  Do you use modifiers?  If you are using modifiers
> multiple specimens, which one do you use?   I would appreciate any and all
> comments!
> It is getting late here, I hope this makes sense!

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