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	Dear Scott,

At 08:47 01/31/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Scenario #1   A rep. comes into your lab with 10-20
>lbs of new paraffin and would like for you to try it.
>What would you be thinking?

	If I had a spare processor & the time fair enough!

>Scenario #2   Instead of 10-20 lbs of paraffin, the
>rep. has about 7 blocks already embedded with their
>new paraffin and would like for you to try it.
>What would you be thinking?

	Yeah, OK, but I would want to know exactly how those blocks got
from specimen reciept to embedding, & then I'd still want to test it - see
scenario #1.

	Don't get me wrong I like to try out new things, generally I work in
research labs so there are no problems with changing the processor to
something new for a week or 2.  But in the hospital situation its a whole
different ball game.  What you really want is the paraffin, the blocks, a
reasonable amount of documentation, & preferably the contact details of
people who already use it.


	Rob W.

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