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I would use an alcoholometer/hydrometer.  I think that your observations of
the result when mixing with xylene are highly suggestive of your suspicions
of what has happened. I would discard what it on the processor. Then, I
would mix equal amounts of the two unused unknowns.  Since you know one is
95% and one is 100% the resultant 97.5% alcohol could be used for making
dilutions of your lower alcohol concentration solutions..... obviously even
your don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Subject: test: absolute alcohol vs 95%

Hi there all,

We store 20L at a time of AA, 95% and xylene within the lab in
xplosafe containers.  These are filled from 200L drums in our
dangerous goods store by the orderlies.  It appears as if they may
have interposed the 95% for AA and vice versa at last filling (milky
xylene when dehydrating).  Does anyone know of a quick,
conclusive test to tell which is which?

Thanks in advance,
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