RE: staining fresh frozen brain sections

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From:"Barry, Lilith" <> (by way of histonet)
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My original response WAS for neuronal tissue, but I am sure that the
histoneters will appreciate information on unfixed free-floating
Thanks again,


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		From:	Barry Rittman []

		               call me  Barry please, the PhD stands for
"piled higher and
		Not sure I have a reference to what you asked but I will
look for one. These are
		mostly observations from staining lots of sections for IHC
and histochemistry.
		My experience to nervous tissue is limited to Bielschowsky
preparations from
		almost 40 years ago so hate to give advice on this tissue.

		"Barry, Lilith" wrote:

		> Dear Dr. Rittman,
		> Thank you for the comment on fresh - floating tissue
processing.  Could you
		> please give some references on this topic. Is it
applicable for neuronal
		> tissue ? What about the  morphology?  I have mainly worked
with brain
		> tissue, labeling neuropeptides  for light and electron
microscope and
		> haven't  come across a paper that deals wit it.
		> Waiting for your usual informative response,
		> Lilith

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