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From:Mary Georger <>
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Check out yesterdays' discussion about Davidson's' fix, I have used it
on rodent eyes and it makes the lens very user friendly.
Mary Georger

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From: Philopena, Jennifer []
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 6:26 PM
To: 'Histonet'
Subject: rodent eye processing

Thank you all for solving my problem with dry rodent tissue following
processing.  I still put the blocks on ice just prior to sectioning, but
for nearly as long.  The 70% storage seems to have been the culprit - I
store in 10% formalin indefinitely, or for IHC tissues I transfer to PBS
after 24 hours (and have the tissue pieces small).
Presently I'm working on optimally processing rodent eye tissue.  I'm
still in 10% NBF.  To keep the lens, or not to keep the lens.  To bisect
eye or not to bisect.  To decalcify or not to decalcify.  The problem
the rat eye is that the lens takes up most of the eye volume - it's not
nearly as small (respectively) as the rabbit lens.  I initially removed
lens but ended up losing the shape of the eye, and the retina detached.
same results when I kept the lens intact until just before embedding the
We're just doing basic H+E right now.
Thanks for your wizardry.

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