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From:"MacDonald, Jennifer" <>
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Don't believe what they tell you about a customized head for the CassMark.
We had quite an ordeal with this.  If you want more details contact me.

Jennifer MacDonald
(909)958-2811 extension 4148

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> From: 	Rebecca S Smith[]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 02, 2000 4:57 PM
> To: 	The Histonet
> Subject: 	labeler
> We are in search of the most wonderful of all "AUTOMATED CASSETTE 
> LABELER"s.  It must be fairly user friendly.  (You know how some of those 
> pathologists are!)  & Versatility would be a plus.  What are you folks out
> there in Histo Land using (besides markers and pencils).  We got Shandon's
> CasMark in to demo and were impressed until we realized that the alphabet 
> only goes so far and that you couldn't put a letter where you wanted it, 
> unless you spend $5,000 and wait 13 weeks for a custom made head for your 
> own lab.  Some people seem to be intimidated by the keyboards.  But, if it
> was real simple (Idiot proof type)  I think they could get over their
> fears 
> quite quickly.  I know it seems to be asking for the moon, but if you
> don't 
> ask, you might not find out that there's a "moon" out there 
> somewhere.  Thanks in advance!

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