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From:Mary Georger <>,

We have this processor here and have been playing around with the times.
First question is what alcohol are you using? Second, how big are the
tissue samples and are they human or non-human? We have been running all
different tissues from routine animal tissues, embryological specimens
and botanical material, all with great success.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mary Georger
Ward's Natural Science
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Sent: Monday, February 07, 2000 7:34 PM
Subject: Ventana Renaissance Tissue Processor

     Our lab has recently purchased a Ventana Renaissance tissue
We intend to use it for multiple block cases such as breast, colon, 
placentas, etc.  We are having trouble fine tuning the processing times
the alcohols. This type of processor has a stir bar in the bottom of the

retort chamber.  Ventana recommends 45 minutes for each alcohol station.

This is causing excessive drying of our test tissues.  We have since
the alcohol times to 30 minutes per station which still leaves the test 
blocks too dry.
     Does anyone have experience with one of these processors?  What
processing schedule do you use?  We hate to have to re-invent the wheel
someone has some helpful hints.  Thanks!
     Jeff Robinson
     Sierra Pathology, Fresno, CA 

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