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From:Matthew Ogdie <>
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Hello George,
InnoGenex carries three anti-Myosin primaries validate for paraffin
1) Myosin Heavy Chain, SMooth Muscle,Monoclonal (Cat. No.AM-2335-11), AR-10
Antigen retrieval recommended
2) Mysosin, Skeletal Muscle,Monoclonal (AM-3109-06)
3) Myosin, Skeletal Muscle, Polyclonal (AP-3109-06)

All InnoGenex manuals and data sheets can be accessed online at:

I can send the data sheets to you directly - If you have any questions, let
me know. Our distributor in the UK is MetaGen : tel:+44(0)3850303

Best Regards,
Matthew Ogdie

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From: George King []
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 3:32 AM
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Subject: Muscle antibodies

Hi there

I am currently looking for antibodies against fast and slow myosin which
will work on formalin fixed paraffin embedded human sections and would
appreciate any information concerning suppliers, antigen retrieval
method, etc.

Thank you in advance for all replies.

George King
University of Aberdeen
Department of Pathology
Aberdeen, AB25 2ZD
Tel. (0)1224 681818 x52842
Fax. (0)1224 663002

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