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We have gone to the more expensive coverglass and they are not sticking
together.  We found it more cost effective to buy the more expensive ones
instead of wasting half of them.  We also have a very strict maintenance
chart.  It seems to be that fine line of not having too much xylene in the
reservoir but not having it too low either.  

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		This may sound like a fairly silly solution to air bubbles
but check to see if
		it has been coverslipped with duplicate or triplicate
coverglass.  We have a
		Hacker coverslipper and have had the same problem.  You can
try to adjust the
		pressure on the coverglass but usually doe not correct it.
The coverglass can
		be notorious about sticking  together. The manufacture's
solution to sticking
		is to produce coverglass with tiny beads to prevent sticking
together.   If you
		watch as it is working you will see it happen.  A real
problem and a waste of
		coverglass and time.  One of the prices I guess we pay for

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