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From:Roger Moretz <>
To:Joyce Christopher <>, " - *" <>
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We have two of the Hacker coverslippers, and air
bubbles is not uncommon.  To minimize (note, not
prevent) multiple layers of coverslips, we use the
charged coverslips (we get the VWR Superslips, but I
think they are all made by Erie).  The reduce air
bubbles there are several possible solutions/problems.

1. Check the mountant level.  If it drops below 1/2
air bubbles will increase.
2.  On the Hacker we have gone to the "Cytology"
setting.  This reduces bubbles but does cause overflow
onto the top.  A nuisance but easier and preferable to
having to recoverslip (in my opinion, at least).
3.  When is the last time the tubing was replaced on
the unit?  The tubing will develop microcrazing over
time, and should probably be replaced annually (I
don't think we quite manage that part).

Finally, you might want to consider Joyce's option,
and chuck it.  At least one member of our group is of
that opinion, and when the amount of recoverslipping
exceeds 20%, I'm ready to sell them as boat anchors.  

Hope some of this helps.  The automatic systems can be
a real boon, but at times it seems they are more
trouble than an assistance.


--- Joyce Christopher <>
> This may sound like a fairly silly solution to air
> bubbles but check to see if
> it has been coverslipped with duplicate or
> triplicate coverglass.  We have a
> Hacker coverslipper and have had the same problem. 
> You can try to adjust the
> pressure on the coverglass but usually doe not
> correct it.  The coverglass can
> be notorious about sticking  together. The
> manufacture's solution to sticking
> is to produce coverglass with tiny beads to prevent
> sticking together.   If you
> watch as it is working you will see it happen.  A
> real problem and a waste of
> coverglass and time.  One of the prices I guess we
> pay for automation.
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