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From:Roger Davies <rogerd@inet.net.nz>
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I write to ask if anyone on the histonet could give me any help and
advice about
obtaining employment in the USA I am very interested to learn of the
legalities of moving and working in the States, particularly in
California ( Orange County area).

I am English but have lived and worked in New Zealand for 16 years. My
current contract is due to expire in May of this year. Whilst I believe
my contract will be
renewed, I would like to look for other options.

Briefly I am a fully qualified and experienced histo/cytologist.

I would prefer to be able to keep on in both disciplines.

I am experienced in all aspects of histology ( routine, immuno,
neuropath etc )
My main interest is muscle pathology and immuno.
In cytology I am experienced in all aspects of cyto ( gynae,including
liquid based,
non-gynae and FNA ). My main interest is FNA of breast ( including
grading schemes and prognostic markers on FNA).

I also have a keen interest in teaching.

I can send a full CV and referees if required.

Roger Davies BSc FIBMS CTIAC
2 Lovelock Street
Christchurch 8006
New Zealand

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