Need MSDS List on Disk

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Most reputable vendors now supply their MSDS on line from their web site, all of
ours for EM Science and BDH can be found at:             For Canada in accordance with
Canadian WHMIS regulations
and are available in English and French     For USA in accordance with  OSHA

For Sigma MSDS on line try :

and the best part is its all FREE ....

Gordon Fenn
BDH/EM Science  Toronto
Affiliate of Merck KGaA

amos brooks <> on 02/08/2000 02:24:16 PM

cc:   matthew chase <>, (bcc:
      Gordon Fenn/BDH/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  Re: Need MSDS List on Disk

    While fumbling through a catalog for something completely unrelated
I stumbled upon an MSDS on CD ROM from Sigma (Z17,500-5). The product,
however, had DARN well better be FANTASTIC considering it's price tag of
Amos Brooks

matthew chase wrote:

> > Does anyone have an MSDS list on a 3.5 or know where
> > we can purchase one. Thanks
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