MOHS surgery

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From:Gayle Callis <>

As best as I can explain it, MOHS surgery is a way of removing a skin cancer ie basal cell CA or
some other, by specially mapped excision technics, the biopsy is removed in such a way as to
minimize potential unsightly scars, but  most of all and importantly, remove all tendrils of the
cancer that tend to be missed by just an excision of an area.  They keep going back to an area
still showing the cancerous cells, with precise mapping as they do this, perform frozen sections
for immediate diagnosis of positive cells, and can do this until the tiniest area is removed. 
There is a high percentage of non recurrence of the cancer, plus minimal scarring.  An
incredibly precise procedure on the part of skilled dermatologist doctor and technicians.  

The final repair is usually done right after the surgery, a skin graft to the site, with graft
taken from behind ear or on neck area to match the facial skin on nose or other parts of the
face. It is relatively painless.  After area heals completely, they go back 2 months later and
do dermabrasion (sanding!) to smooth out tiny stitch area scars, blending it back to normal

There are MOHS histotechs, but there is a shortage of these dedicated, highly motivated, hard
working very skilled people at least in Montana. I admire their hard work and appreciate 
their knowledge.   Would be a great job for someone who likes a challenge. 

I hope this described it.  

Gayle Callis

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