MOHS, respect please!

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From:Gayle Callis <>

Having just experienced MOHS surgery, I have the highest regard for their skill and care to not
cut the end of someone's nose off willy nilly!  It was an
interesting day of a unique surgical procedure, plus the fact the doctor was more than willing
to SEND HIS TECHNICIANS to workshops in order to understand, troubleshoot and refine their
skills on performing frozens, staining etc.  That alone was impressive, a physician willing to
foot the bill for continuing education!!!  Too darn bad there are not more like that!!  

The whole experience was educational, from technical perspective and as a patient and the
neatest thing of all, was a chance to visit with their head tech, discuss staining, fixation,
pass on information supplied to me by technicians willing to share their expertise prior to this
whole painful ordeal. This alone took the boredom and stress out of a long, tiring day, 
making even more worthwhile, sort of an impromptu hands on workshop.  

The tech also wanted to join Histonet to access more information with willingness to learn from 
people with positive attitudes.  I would hope some commentaries would not discourage him.  

At least I don't feel I had my nose cut off to spite my face.  And heaven forbid any wishful
thinking, being a  patient on the receiving end of a surgical procedure might make some more 
respectful of others skills and knowledge.  That certainly was my experience.    

Thanks for all who responded to my staining questions, now for more on fixation please.  Still
sorting it out, doing my homework.

Sorry to get so hissed off!   Hmmmmm could retire from here with a whole new career as a MOHS

Gayle Callis 

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