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Bryan Hewlett in California replies to my note about the substitution of 
periodic acid for chromic acid in methenamine silver reactions for fungi:

I said: >>Kit manufacturers, with a wave of an MBA's hands I suppose, have  
declared that periodic acid, a much weaker oxidizing agent, can be used in 
[place of chromic acid]. But where is the literature to support this change?<<

And Bryan Hewlett replies: >>It's out there Samurai! From an era long gone! 
Try the venerable R.D.Lillie. "Histopathological technic and practical 
histochemistry" 3rd Ed. pp 569-574, 1965.<<

Lillie's review of fungal staining seems rather unclear to me, and I don't 
think it's possible to conclude what method he favored for routine 
all-purpose fungal staining in a clinical setting. This is an area where I 
would be disinclined to rely on R.D. Lillie too heavily. He was an excellent 
pathologist, but he had considerably impaired vision (he occasionally notes 
this), and sometimes is not the best judge of what's to be seen on a slide.

But on the other hand, what other histochemistry book has John 16:13, in the 
original Greek, as its colophon?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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