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From:Mary Ann Miller <millerma@email.uc.edu>
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I need advice please.

I am trying to help our Cytology and clinical IHC people out by preparing
some SKBR3 cytospin slides to use as known positive controls for HER/2 when
IHC must be run on either fine needle aspirates or frozen tissue so they
don't have to use a FFPE control.

I have checked quite a few references as to how to fix and freeze things
for later use, but there seems to be as many recipes out there as there are
books and articles!  I've followed the discussion over the last few days on
handling frozen tissues but I'm still confused. Here in our labs they spray
the freshly made cytospins with cytofix then immediately place in 95%
alcohol. These are then transported to IHC where thy are fixed in acetone
and run on the Ventana. If I prepare 20 to 30 slides how can they be saved
for a month or more?

Thaks for any help anyone can give me.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann Miller
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine  ML 529
231 Bethesda Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio  45267
FAX: (513) 558-2289 

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