Fw: Poly - L -vs- Amino Alco (++ Slides)

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>Date: Tuesday, 1 February 2000 1:35
>Subject: Re: Poly - L -vs- Amino Alco (++ Slides)
Dear Colleagues,
when Poly-L Lysine first came out I thought it was the "Bee's Knees" and
float off's became a rare event, but they did occasionally still occur with
HIR's esp. if fixation was suspect. We also tried Poly L Lysine slides for
trichromes retics etc. and found that they could not be used for Retics
because of the huge background problem. Then along came APES, we could even
use these for retics, (no background) and for HIR's float off's and lifting
around the edges was no longer a problem.
So my vote goes for APES.
Mike Rentsch Dir. Aust. Biostain.P/L

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