Beta Gal inquiries

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I have had a few folks asking about the protocols that I received on Beta Gal.
There was a protocol on IHC of Beta Gal on the Histonet sent by Cynthia Favara.
There was also a protocol sent via U.S. Mail to me from Gail Callis.  It
describes wholemount staining, and similar procedures were described on the
Histonet by Jan Rodgers, Robert Russell, and Robbin Newlin (sorry I couldn't
figure out how to import their entries here).  Gail also included information on
using Safranin O as a counterstain.  There is lots of detailed information on
this Beta Gal procedure, therefore,called the "Bacterial beta-Galactosidase
Histochemistry Bible".  If anyone is interested in this protocol, give me your
address and I will be happy to drop off a copy for you in the mail.

Suzy Winden
Experimental Surgery Pathology Core Lab
Box 3617 DUMC
Durham, NC 27712

P.S.- Kathy Walters- I have your address.   I will go ahead and send "the Beta
Gal Bible" to you.

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