ASMH? More info please.

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From:"Rev. Dave Kmelr" <revdavekemler@HOTMAIL.COM>
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Sue Becker writes about the ASMH. The private laboratory that I work for 
here in Florida, is the largest private FS laboratory of its kind in the 
state. We have small FS labs in 17 dermatology offices. We're new, but we're 
very large. All of our techs are lisenced in the state and all are HT or HTL 
(ASCP). We are all members of the NSH and our own FSH. The ASMH sounds that 
it would be a great benefit to our profession. I personally have been 
registered (ASCP) since 1975 and the others, for nearly as long. It has been 
only recently that we have become specialized in the MOHS field. Well 
rounded? You bet!

More information on ASMH would be appreciated.

Dave Kemler, B.Ms., HT (ASCP)
Surgical Pathology Laboratory
Pinellas Park, FL
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