tissues and reagents needed

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From:Patsy.Ruegg@UCHSC.edu (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters,

The NSH IHC Resource Group is in the business of helping our members find
tissues and reagents, especially for taking the ASCP QIHC exam.

Our bank is in need of some material for the next round of exam.

Please help.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

Patsy Ruegg


The IHC Resource Group is once again gearing up to help support the efforts
of applicants who have applied for the spring IHC Qualification exam.  I
have just received a copy of the May 2000 exam, and there are a few changes
from the last period.  The chart below describes what is being required.


MAY 2000

Project #	Antibody(ies)	Tissue
1	HMB 45	Melanoma
2	LCA	Normal tonsil or lymph node
3	LMW & HMW keratin	Prostate
4	Chromogranin	Stomach
5	Estrogen receptor	Breast CA
6	HPV	Cervix
7	T-cells & B-cells	Frozen lymph node or tonsil
8	Factor VIII related antigen	Kidney w cortex & medulla
9	Muscle specific antigen	Tx both pos and neg for the antibody

The bank is very low on some tissues, on probe and probe detection systems.
I am earnestly asking for your help.  We are out of probe and probe kits,
and as you can see, the applicants will now have to perform HPV on infected
cervix.  We have no tissue or reagents presently to support this part of the
exam.  If anyone can donate anything, tissue being in the greatest demand,
please let me know.  Ask your vendors for samples for donation to this
effort.  This might help us further.

Additionally we are low on prostate, ER pos breast CA, melanoma, and kidney
tissue that has both medulla and cortex, as well as frozen lymph node or
frozen tonsil.

The antibody stores are pretty good.  If anyone can contribute a paraffin
block for any of the above tissue, please email me at
emacrea@ventanamed.com, call me at 800-227-2155 ext 2739, or simply mail
blocks to Ethel R Macrea

4740 N Brookeview Dr
Tucson, AZ 85704
C/o Ventana Medical Systems Inc.
3865 N Business Center Dr
Tucson, AZ 85705

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