processing schedule for skeletal muscle

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From:"Todd Miller" <> (by way of histonet)
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I've been trying to process and embed small rat skeletal muscles by hand but
I've had trouble finding the right processing times.  Does anyone have any
proven processing schedules for rat soleus and plantaris muscle?  The
sections are about 3x3x3 mm and will be fixed in zinc formalin.
Also, I'd like to know if anyone has tried immunostaining for the myosin
heavy chains in rat muscle following paraffin embedding.  If so, what were
the samples fixed in, where did you get the primaries, and what was the
processing schedule?
I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me regarding this issue, as my
dissertation depends on it.  I'd appreciate a direct email if possible at:  If that's not possible, please post to histonet.

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