Tissue samples "Ethics"

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From:"Mike Kirby" <mikek@mail.saimr.wits.ac.za> (by way of histonet)
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Thanks Russ, now that you put some "meat" on the "bones", the Ethics part of
Histopathology tissue samples becomes a little more evident to my generally
befuddled, Haematology orientated brain.
I remember the "Bristol" case very well, and I suppose that it was a rather
heart wrenching time for the parents involved, especially when you discover
that bits and pieces of your child are floating around in a bottle.
	It has always been an "unwritten contract" between the
and the patient that any tissue sample/organ was removed for diagnostic
purposes, or because it was diseased , and what became of it after that, was
best left to the Histopathology Lab.
	Now that the general public has become much more knowledgeable of the
medical world and their rights, I can foresee, as you say, more and more
"problems" associated with tissue samples.
	It all boils down to the question of "who's tissue/organ is it
anyway" once
it has been removed from the body. Does it in theory, still belongs to the
patient (can a blood donor ask for his "pint" back?) or is it the property
of the Histopathology Lab to do with as they see fit?
	This is a whole 44 gallon drum of worms just waiting to be opened.
	Lets have some input from the rest of you salami slicers.

South Africa.

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