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From:Mary Latimer <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Shelley I have done the Gallyas Method for Myelin  for a number of
years the solution should be clear I suggest that you make the solutions
from analytical grade salts ...there are also 3 solutions to add together
sodium carbonate, silver with and without formaldyhyde.The most likely
problem is the water I use fresh distilled this stain can be quite
difficult but very rewarding  good luck

 On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Shelley Sheridan wrote:

> Hello all.
> I am working to develop the Gallyas stain for
> neuropathology.  We normally use immunohistochemistry
> for our diagnostics, so we have very little experience
> with special stains.  We are having problems with the
> developer reaction.  We know that when you add
> together the two developer solutions the mixture will
> turn cloudy and then go clear.  Our solution is
> staying cloudy, even though we use acid washed
> glassware and very clean water.  The cloudy mixture is
> developing the sections, but the staining is not
> ideal.  We would like to get the developer reacting
> correctly before we start using the stain on more
> important tissue.  Does anyone have any ideas?  How
> slowly do you add the solutions together?  Do you use
> a separation funnel?  Is there some special technique
> to making the developer that we don't know about?
> Thank you ahead of time for your help.
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