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From:Andrea Kelly <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Histonetters,
Soon, we will be bringing on-line a new processor (VIP 3000) in order to
begin running over night biopsy programs. So I'm in need of some information.

First, does anyone have a good preferably Great biopsy program that they
would like to share? We're still using Good OLE 10% formalin, ethanol, and
xylene. Please vendors I don't want to try substitutes or other processors!
Also, any recommendations regarding the VIP 3000 would be appreciated. Second

question, Is everyone using heat, vacuum, pressure on their biopsy programs?
Third?, Are there any biopsy tissue types (i.e., skins, cervical leeps or
cone bxs, etc.) that do not process well on shortened biopsy programs? 4th ?,

Is anyone using eosin in their last processing absolute ethanol and are you
seeing any staining problems on your immuno stained sections?

Well, that's about it for now.
Please feel free to fax, if the info is lengthy.
Thanks for all the help in advance.

Joel Benoit
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
FAX (413) 582-2946

I agree with the other response you got(Weems). Use vacuum but not heat. We
used the eosin in the last alcohol as you described at a hospital I used to
work at. It worked out very well with no problems. You can adjust the amount
of eosin according to how light or dark you want it.It will make all of your
tissues have the pink shade in the block but it will have no adverse
effect.Only those who complain about any change complained.I found it
especially helpful for prostate biopsies and incidentally it stained the
dermis but not the epidermis on the skins so it made embedding easier for
derms too.
Andrea Kelly

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