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Regardless of the degree of toxicity of formalin, there are other

Formaldehyde is a very effective fixative whcih readily dissolves in fluids
as that on the surface of the nasal mucosa. While many of the cells of this
mucosa may be able to regenerate, others probably do not have this ability.
Continual exposure to formalin would be therfore be expected to decrease
olfactory ability and I believe that this is true. We don't see too many
individuals formalin sniffing. There is no doubt that formaldehyde is a contact

(An interesting study ....Are individuals who are exposed to formalin for a
period of time able to distinguish between Chanel number 5 and 22?)

Specific effects of chemicals are often difficult to ascertain as
relatively few
studies take into consideration either prolonged exposure or exposure to
combinations of chemicals. Some chemicals may modify the effects of others.

I think that while we must be careful not to overreact concerning our response
to the toxicity of various chemicals, it is always better to err on the side of
caution with all chemicals. That way we not only protect ourselves against a
specific,  even if only perceived, danger but also develop a healthy attitude
towards chemical usage in general. Many chemicals currently regarded as
non-toxic may be found, at a later date,  to have undesirable effects.
happy holidays

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