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Hi HistoNetters!

I would still recommend Kok and Boon's Microwave Cookbook for Microscopists
as the most thorough text describing the effects of microwaving on
histological procedures.  A second good reference would be Gary Login's
Microwave Tool Book.

I would be happy to try to address anyone's questions either on the list or
off, and there are both commercial and general reference materials on
microwaving available at our web site (
<> .

Best regards,
Steven E. Slap, Vice-President
Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
"The Laboratory Microwave Company"*

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	Hi there,
	Would anyone be able to give me a reference or a website where I can
	exactly what microwaving is doing to the tissue and how microwaving
	The question was raised here, and I only give a very general answer
to it,
	so now my curiosity is peaked.What is really happening?
	Thanks very much

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