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	  Or better yet, take the cells and make a suspension, purchase
> CollaPlugs (sorry, I'm at home and not near company info) which are
> collagen
> plugs used by dentists for wound healing, the resorbable type, soak up the
> cell suspension in this plug.  The plug can then be cut into 3 pieces,
> and each piece fixed with a different fixative then paraffin process, or
> or embed in OCT,  snap freeze for frozen sections.  You can
> then stain the cells, which are maintained without being slammed against
> a slide by a cytospin, or messed up, the cells looked wonderful!
CollaPlugs are by Calcitek cat#0102. 2320 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008
800 854 7019. I haven't bought any for awhile, but the last price I have is
$63/box of 10 which equals 30 cell preps. The only problem with using the
plugs as Gayle describes might be that in the original message the point was
made that the original morphology of the cells needs to be maintained. That
won't happen if you trypsinize the cells off the plates and scraping may
disrupt at least some of the cells so that may be a problem. Some cell
lines, not all, will actually grow into the plug so that's really the best
option if you can setup new cultures.

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> Gayle Callis

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