Morgan Dize Update

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From:Lynn Gardner <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters:

As many of you have been asking here is the latest on the Morgan Dize
situation. I spoke with Lynn last evening and they all seem to be in good
spirits for the holidays.

Lynn's husband Andrew did have to have surgery on his leg and is doing well
but still is not able to do everything he used to do.

Morgan has started back to kindergarten however is in a special education
class. She temporarily regressed before starting school but is not starting
to make some progress. She is starting to learn to sign which is helping
the communication at home and at school. Morgan will spontaneously say a
phrase or two now and again but when asked to say it again is unable to do
so. The family saw a neurosurgeon and he seems to think that Morgan will
surprise everyone someday soon, so there is hope! Lynn is checking into a
new treatment that is beginning which involves hyperbaric (sp?) treatments.
This is totally research at this point but Lynn has been asked to take a
look at the facility and to learn more about it to see if Morgan could be a
candidate for this treatment. Morgan is accessed as being 9-12 months old
at this point but Lynn and Andrew are hopeful that with time this will
improve. Morgan was a cat for Halloween and if I get pictures I will post
them on the net so everyone can enjoy them.

Lynn has maintained her sense of humor and hope throughout this entire
ordeal and the family is most appreciative of all of the words of
encouragement and dollars people on the histonet and the histology society
in general have provided as it has been most generous. They especially want
to thank the Mason's (Don Buettner especially) and Job's daughters for
their financial donations and loving support as it has meant so much to the
family during their struggle.

I hope that everyone that receives this letter will take the time to send a
note of encouragement or will send a few dollars to the fund during the
Christmas season as it is the "human" thing to do.

The Dize family and myself wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a
Wonderful New Year!

Lynn Gardner

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