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From:Tom Kuwahara <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters:  I am looking to BUY not one but TWO mono technicons
in good working order.  Along with 24 nylon beakers, 2 tissue baskets,
and a couple of 24 hr discs(already have the partridge in a pear tree).
I have a couple of bids from good companies but in the interest of free
trade am looking for THE best deal I can get.  If any of you out there
and especially VENDORS have a good offer please let me know.  Want to
purchase by the end of January if possible.  I spent all of Christmas in
bed with the flu but want to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New
Year/Millennium.  The best thing about Y2K is that we all know how to
spell millennium now.  Now if it would only work for unsubscribe!
Regards, Tom
Thomas J. Kuwahara
Senior Immunohistochemist
Advanced Pathology Systems
3801 Sacramento St. suite 621
San Francisco, CA 94118
415 750 6800 x23067 tel
415 750 2332 fax

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