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     May 18th and 19th 2000

     Illinois State Meeting

     Schaumburg, Illinois
     Radisson Hotel

     How would you like to win a free registration to the NSH meeting in
     Milwaukee, Wisconsin???  Well, the year 2000 meeting is going to offer
     that possibility to each and every one of you!!  Upon registration for
     our two day meeting your name will be submitted for the drawing, which
     will take place on Friday May 19th at afternoon break in the
     exhibitors hall.

     The meeting is just a two day event, but guarantees to stimulate and
     educate you and hopefully give you a little something to take back to
     your lab to improve things for you and your peers.  Our very own Judy
     Bordyn, sponsored by SAKURA, is making a beautiful hand-made quilt to
     be raffled off during the meeting.  There are alot of special things
     planned for this one as we celebrate the year 2000 and once again
     commit to histological excellence in all of our laboratories.

     Announcements for registration to this (not to be missed) event will
     be coming your way soon!!

     Please feel free to contact our President, Cathy Locallo at
     7730702-8492, or the secretary, Kathy Hicks at 773-702-9052.

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