Re: artery section with stainless stent

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	Your best, & probably only bet is to embed in resin (araldite) &
take it
off to you local geology lab.  There a section can be cut, mounted on a
slide & ground down to a suitable thickness.  Then you can stain the
section.  This process wastes a lot of tissue, but you should be able to
get 2 - 5 sections per block.

	If you are lucky & the stent is extremely fine you may be able (after
embedding in resin) to section with a hardened steel blade.  The results
will not be as good as using the grinding & polishing technique, & may
distort the position of the stent, but you can with care get more sections
to look at.

	I seem to remember a thread on this sometime ago.


	Rob W.

At 07:53 12/02/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>A friend asked if anyone had suggestions on how to section an artery
>with a stainless steel stent in place.  I had not idea, as we had
>tried sectioning dacron blood vessels.
>Would anyone on this list have suggestions on how to approach this?
>Taking the stent out is not an option.

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