Re: Tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine Beta hydroxylase

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From:Mary Latimer <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Mike I have a lot of experience with Tyrosine Hydroxylase on rat
brain frozen slices and by far the best antibodiy I have used is one from
Boeringer cat no 1017 381 this is a monoclonal from mouse hybrid cells. We
use it at quite a high concentration 1:50 but we then reuse it another
twice so 3 sets of sections go through it we are doing free floating
frozens.We get little or no background.I know nothing about Dopamine beta
hydroxylase.  Hope this helps   Good luck Mary

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Michael J. Lyon, Ph.D. wrote:

> I have been searching Linscott's for sources of Tyrosine hydroxylase and
> dopamine Beta hydroxylase antibodies and there are just to many sources and
> variations so I thought I would post this inquiry to you more experienced
> netters.  I would like to get some of your experiences with either Tyrosine
> hydroxylase and dopamine Beta hydroxylase antibodies: sources etc.  It would
> be good if these cross react in humans and rats but human reactivity is the
> most important.  Also, the tissues will most likely be formalin fixed some
> whole mount vascular elements as well as frozen sections.
> Thanks
> Mike
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