Re: Tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine Beta hydroxylase

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From:Donna Simmons <> (by way of histonet)
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I have had good success with Chemicon anti-DbH on rat tissue. The last time
I ordered the 'old standby' EugeneTech product, it didn't work nearly as
well as the Chemicon.   For anti-TH, Pel-Freeze is the best brand I've ever
used.  The old Eugene Tech had to be used with a special pH-shift
perfusion, and wasn't nearly as good as the Pel=Freeze, in my hands.  Feel
free to ask me more, if you want.  I get the digest from the Histonet, so
my reply may be a bit tardy, unless you send email direct.
Good Luck! -Donna
>"Michael J. Lyon, Ph.D." wrote:
>> I have been searching Linscott's for sources of Tyrosine hydroxylase and
>> dopamine Beta hydroxylase antibodies and there are just to many sources and

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