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From:Dennis Sullivan <> (by way of histonet)
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InnoGenex has two different Ki-67 monoclonals.

Ki-67 : 2D3 clone Mouse IgG1 -
Purified cat # AM-2285-11
Unpurified cat # AM-2285-01

Ki-67 : 7C9 clone Mouse IgG1 -
Purified cat # AM-2286-11
Unpurified cat # AM-2286-01

order- 1.877.IGX.INFO

Hope this helps.
Dennis Sullivan
InnoGenex wrote:
> Where do people buy their Ki-67?  I purchased a monoclonal that is supposed
> to work on frozens as well as a polyclonal from DAKO and both were awful.
> Andrea T. Hooper

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