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Question to everyone out there-has anyone had the problem of epidermal
cells coming out clear and or hardly stained at all after H&E or Toluidine
Blue staining?  The whole section is faint.  I think the tissue has dried
before fixation.  I cut frozens. At times after I  have finished putting 2
or 3 frozen sections on the glass slide I notice the epidermal ridge has
whitened and appears drier that the rest of the section.  Just an idea.  I
am trying to fix them immediately now by picking up 2 or 3 sections at once
in the cryostat.  I line them up on space on the face plate and mount them
all at once.  I choose not to use a anti-roll plate.  This does not always
happen but at times from one slide I am lucky to have one properly stained
skin piece while the rest is faded or not stained at all.  I use Rapid Fixx
for 15 seconds for H&E and 2 cups of 200 proof alcohol 1 min each for Tol.
Blue stains.  I have changed all solutions and that does not seem to help.
Thanks in advance. :)

Sue Becker
Dr. MJ Mulvaney
Private practice
Albnay, NY 12205

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